Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've been neglecting my blogging duties, but am now back and better than ever. I've got my velocities de-composed into radial and proper motion flavors, a nice aitoff plot of the galaxy (at least, its disk and bulge), have read about StarFISH and the Field of Streams, and am staring to investigate isochrones to generate stellar populations in the simulations. I've also found the interparticle spacing for the halo at different distances from the galactic center, and have a measure of the physical pixel size in the FoS image, which is, thankfully, smaller than the interparticle spacing. The next steps are to get some proficiency with StarFISH so that we can see if it would be a good way to generate stars for the simulation, and to start doing kinematic "observations"of the simulation.

The kinematic studies are on a slightly different track than I've been on. Recently I've been thinking mostly about a FoS replica and whether that would be feasible, but this will definitely be doable, and should be less complicated. Short-term analysis is looking at proper motions of the particles at different radial distances, searching for differences between accreted and in-situ stars. I'll then do that again incorporating the LSST measurement uncertainties into the 'observations.' Before doing that, however, I'll need to think about stellar tracers (BHB, RR Lyrae and RGB stars) and how to model them in the simulation without generating cmds. More on this as it develops

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  1. Please email me your calculated numbers... I've been waiting on these before emailing colleagues about the FoS idea.